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Posted:31 October 2016 | Category: Vehicle maintenance

Winter Driving Tips

Plan your journey

If the weather decides to deliver some snow then make sure you plan your journey before setting off. Take a look at weather warnings and road closures and leave plenty of time to reach your destination. If it’s recommended you don’t venture out, then don’t, make the journey once the weather conditions improve.

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Check your tyres

Perhaps the most important thing to check before heading out is your tyres. They are the part of your car that have contact with the road and when it is wet and icy it is very important that your tyres are in good condition. You need to check the tyre thread and look for any cuts or bulges. If the weather becomes particularly bad consider getting some winter tyres for your car, they will perform better when you head out on the road.

Clear all the snow from your car

If it snows then you need to clear all the snow from your car. It may be tempting to just clear your windows in the rush to get to work but you must clear it off your roof and bonnet. Not only could it get you into trouble with the police but it is also dangerous for yourself and other motorists. Any acceleration or sudden braking could result in the snow from your roof sliding onto yours or another motorists windscreen. Take an extra couple of minutes to make sure all the snow is off your car

Be prepared

Make sure you are prepared when you head out on a journey. Take a warm coat, boots, torch and snacks such as biscuits just in case your get caught out by the weather. There are lots of things you need to consider when driving during the winter months, what are your top tips?