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Posted:06 July 2020 | Category: General

Skoda's New Technology to Protect Cyclists

With a massive increase in numbers of cyclists on the road thanks to congestion charges, concerns over air pollution and traffic and of course, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and fears around using public transport, Skoda have announced new measures and technology to protect cyclists out on the road. Their announcement also happened to coincide with Bike Week.

We have all seen how easy it is to open a door and have to swiftly avoid knocking a cyclist off their bike. Department for Transport figures has revealed more than 700 people per year are injured due to this incredibly simple and easily avoidable error of judgement, and two people die annually, on average.

The fourth-gen Skoda Octavia will help to avoid such incidents, with their Exit Warning system, alerting both drivers and passengers if a cyclist is coming up, so they do not open the doors straight into their path.

Skoda, as standard, fits the Blind Spot Detection system into its mid-spec SE L models. Cameras are used at the rear of the vehicle to observe and warn of any potential hazards up to a distance of 35 metres and an angle of around 120 degrees.

As well as this, the Predictive Cycling Protection system delivers the driver a series of warnings when a cyclist is sensed ahead – and even activates the emergency braking to prevent possible collisions when necessary.

An optional Turn Assist feature will also be available from November 2020. This uses on-board cameras to track oncoming traffic and to identify cyclists and pedestrians as you turn right at a junction. If, when the driver is executing a manoeuvre, they will be brought to a complete halt, trigger the warning system, and prevent a possible collision from taking place.   

The final feature of the optional Collision Avoidance Assist is that it detects the imminent accident and executes guided, evasive hazard manoeuvre, whether that hazard is another vehicle or a cyclist using the front cameras. To determine the safest course, the machine uses real-time data from cameras and radars.

A Skoda spokesman confirmed that the new vehicle is one of Skoda's most advanced technology and bicycle-friendly vehicles available on the market. They said: 'The all-new fourth-generation Octavia is the most technologically advanced ŠKODA yet and one of the most cycle-friendly cars on the market.

"Naturally, cyclists face daily challenges associated with cycling on busy roads, including avoiding car doors as they open.

"The technology introduced in the new Octavia, particularly Exit Warning, is there to assist drivers in helping to mitigate and reduce potential accidents."

The fourth-gen Octavia is now available to order from Sinclair Skoda of South Wales, with prices starting at £22, 390 and available in both estate and five-door hatch versions.

Get in touch today for more information and to arrange a test drive.