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What Does Skoda vRS Stand For?

What Does Skoda vRS Stand For?

The vRS in Skoda stands for ‘Victory Racing Sport.’ However, Skoda uses vRS in the UK and just RS elsewhere.

At one point, Skoda UK said that the v in vRS can actually also stand for “the diacritical mark you see above the S in Škoda “! Performance models as part of the Skoda family date back to the Popular Sport, which was launched in the 1930s. But in the modern era, the RS part of the model name for ‘Racing Sport’ dates back to the 130 RS from the mid-1970s.

So why does Skoda use ‘vRS’ in the UK now and just ‘RS’ everywhere else? It’s thought that Ford, who has historical links to the RS badge in the UK, filed a complaint on them for using it.

More About Skoda

Skoda became part of the Volkswagen group 20 years ago, in an effort to rid itself of the reputation it had for building cars that just weren't reliable.

However, in 2001 when Skoda released its Octavia vRS model, everything changed. This model they released was a performance version powered by the 1.8 turbocharged engine from the Volkswagen Golf GTI, complete with 180PS and a 0-62mph time of below 8.0 seconds.

The Octavia vRS model stood out from the regular Octavia thanks to little extras. It boasted things like chunkier bumpers, a rear tailgate spoiler, chrome exhausts, and unique alloy wheels, so it really looked the part.

Fabia vRS was launched 2 years later, and this model is the one that really helped to give the Skoda name a boost. Critics didn’t seem to like it at first, however, as it was powered by a diesel engine rather than a traditional petrol engine. That being said, once they actually got in the car, the Fabia vRS became known as one of the most sought-after hatches around at the time.

Then there was the second-generation Fabia vRS with 180PS, topping out at 139 mph. This version of the car was a hatch at heart, but also had an estate variant for those who wanted practicality as well as performance.

Skoda vRS Models Available Today

The Skoda Octavia vRS is described as sleek, dynamic, exciting, and practical.

It has pretty much everything you could want; aesthetic appeal, driveability, and a huge range of practical features such as responsive engines with Greenline versions garnering up to 88mpg. This is what makes this model so successful.

The hatchback offers a spacious 590-litre capacity boot, and with the seats down at a 60/40 split, increases to a swimming pool-sized 1,580 litres. Inside the car does not disappoint either, with luxury comfort and plenty of legroom. Driver Assistant safety technology just finishes off this model nicely.

Skoda Octavia VRS Estate

This model offers many features, including unrivalled space, functionality, innovative safety and comfort systems and fuel efficiency at exceptional value for money.

The Skoda Octavia vRS will be the only full-fat performance car offered within the brand’s product line up for the foreseeable future.

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