Posted: 04 April 2019 | Category : New models

New Skoda Scala on Sale in May 2019


Skoda has announced it will be releasing the brand-new Skoda Scala in the UK in May 2019. These are exciting times for anyone that’s either a fan of the brand or has been waiting to buy themselves a nice sporty hatchback.

The Skoda Scala was unveiled earlier in the year, and it already created quite a buzz due to the very modern and sporty looks, along with plenty of impressive specs.

A Ford Focus Rival

This new Scala hatchback has been dubbed as a rival to the iconic Ford Focus. For years, the Focus has dominated the hatchback scene, but things could be about to change. The Scala gives you everything you want out of a hatchback - plenty of space without it being too big, excellent levels of comfort, brilliant performance, and a more than healthy price tag.

Four Engine Options

You’ll have a choice between four different engine options when this new Skoda drops in May. The base level is a 94bhp 1.0-litre engine, with the one up from that boasting 113bhp - both of these are petrol. Then, you have a 148bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine that packs a punch, and a 114bhp diesel as well.

All of these engines deliver just enough power for the Skoda Scala to be an enjoyable and thrilling drive, without being too risky or dangerous.

Striking Looks

The car itself almost looks like a combination of a VW Golf and a Ford Focus. It’s got lots of amazing contoured edges that create a very striking and impressive look. It’s the type of vehicle you can drive around it and feel the eyes of jealous staring at you the whole time.

Inside, the steering wheel is leather, and you can adjust the height of the driver’s seat for maximum comfort. The display is nice and big, with the dashboard boasting a very clutter-free design.

Pricing Options

This is where the Skoda Scala really turns heads as the starting price of the base model is £16,595. Compare this to its direct rival, the Ford Focus, and that starts at £18,300!

The model up from this comes with a special SE trim that also adds parking sensors, cruise control and a touchscreen. It will be available from £18,580.

Then, you have the fully-specked out version that’s available from £20,380. Here, you get everything in the model below, but it also has a larger and more impressive touchscreen, keyless entry, and smart suede seats.

As the premier Skoda franchise in South Wales, we’re proud to announce that you can purchase the new Skoda Scala hatchback from us in May 2019. There’s not long to wait, and you can always come to our dealerships if you want us to go through the specs in more detail, or advise you on the best way to purchase this beautiful car. Keep checking our website for any further updates, and you’ll be the first to know when this car comes on sale.

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