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Posted:14 January 2021 | Category: Future models,General

Skoda plans electric replacement for Citigo

white electric citigo plugged into wall

It is not a secret that everyone is excited about the new electric Citigo by Skoda. The improved version inspired by the VW ID.1 is creating a buzz in the vehicle world. Skoda’s boss Thomas Schäfer recently released his recent plans for the all-electric car and we are going to share what we know so far.

The official Skoda dealers in Swansea are raring to go with the excitement of the new launch. Skoda’s garage service facilities offer new and approved used cars along with servicing and MOT testing abilities. With the Volkswagen ID.1 being a popular choice of car, Skoda wanted to do their own version with their new launch.

Electric cars are starting to come onto our roads more frequently which is great for protecting the environment. With low prices and smart battery technology they are becoming more popular for every lifestyle. Technology is becoming more advanced each day which allows all-electric cars to travel further on a single battery charge, a lot quieter and more efficiently. Over time they will be a better option for everyone as they have low running costs and as technology advances, hybrids will be cheaper to buy.
Skoda has the best cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries which sets their electric cars apart from the rest. Even after long journeys Skodas batteries will run just as well as at the start of the journey because they are packed tightly in a safe way.

Overall, the Citigo is going to be the new go-to model for a city car. With the overall length being no longer than four meters, it will be easy to park and drive within the city. Think the size of a Volkswagen Polo, which is a small, run around car that is perfect for daily life. Often, it can be hard to nip between lanes and find a car that is economical with stop and start situations. Perfectly designed for daily activities and family needs. They are easy to service and are great fun to drive especially with the silent engine so you can enjoy every moment of the ride. Skoda is aiming to put these on the market at twenty thousand pounds or less so it can be enjoyed by everyone. In addition, it will make a massive impact in the emissions produced as they rely on electricity alone. As you may have noticed, public places are encouraging electric cars by placing charging stations in their car parks and public areas so you can have the peace of mind that you can charge it on the go. You can also charge your Citigo at home if you prefer to.

Although we are all keen to see what the Skoda Citigo has to offer, it most likely will not be launched for a few years as Skoda is concentrating on their other electric models such as the cross-over. Hopefully, within the next decade we will be able to see the Skoda Citigo come to life with its sleek design and family friendly car which is affordable for everyone.

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