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Skoda Karoq Velo Concept Just for Cyclists

Skoda Karoq Velo Concept Just for Cyclists

In another step towards showcasing technological capabilities and raising the bar for what can be achieved with modern vehicles, Czech manufacturer Skoda has revealed a concept car that is built with cyclists in mind. Building on the success of the Karoq, the Skoda Karoq Velo concept vehicle brings a host of unique features to the table – including a built-in washing machine and pressure washer!

While the car won’t be going to production, it will be used to support professional cyclists throughout the summer ahead of various big races. Could there be space for a cyclist-centric addition on the public market?

The Karoq Velo Concept: Designed for Cyclists

The Karoq Velo concept has been designed on the back of survey results provided by over 1,500cycling enthusiasts and Skoda states that the vehicle would improve a cyclist’s pre and post-ride experiences. Whether racing at a velodrome or on mountain climbs, the possibilities are huge.

Skoda found that cyclists commonly stated dissatisfaction with the fact that returning to their vehicles with damp clothes and muddy bikes. Another common problem revolves around mechanical issues, particularly after evening rides.

To solve those issues respectively, the concept car includes a washing machine and a range of tools to support cyclists when they encounter problems at night. This includes LED lights, space for a toolkit, and a built-in WiFi hotspot. There’s also a drone landing pad that can utilise Follow Me facilities.

The washing machine, which is supported by a pressure washer to clean the bicycles, is fitted in the back alongside the toolkit storage box while there is also space for the bike to be stored during cleaning or transportation – although the wheels will need to be removed for this feature.

Convenience for The Modern Cyclist

Skoda’s concept car also has space for a traditional two-bike roof rack, which is great for pairs of cyclists travelling together as well as those that may use different rides for varying stages of a day’s cycling. In fact, even with the rear being partly consumed by the extra facilities, Skoda states that four adults can still fit in the vehicle.

The concept car boasts the same engine and specifications as the standard Karoq SUV while the body has been treated to a unique design that includes a promotional vinyl. While very much an addition for the concept vehicle, it’s aesthetic appeal to cyclists is noticeable.

Skoda’s concept Karoq Velo is built with practicality in mind, and pave the way for further progress into this arena. The manufacturer’s commitment to encouraging fitness isn’t limited to cars for cyclists as they also launched the Driver’s Seat Initiative Cycling Academy for women, who can gain the chance to train with gold-medal-winning Paralympian, Dame Sarah Storey.

Find Your Perfect Skoda Today

Skoda’s special edition Velo won’t be on the market anytime soon, but the Karoq remains a very popular SUV. You can book a test drive in a new or used model with Sinclair Skoda today. Simply call your nearest dealer to see what we can do for you.