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Posted:16 March 2020 | Category: General

Skoda Kamiq & Skoda Scala get Monte Carlo Sporty Makeover

Skoda Kamiq and Scala

If you’re in the market to buy a new car and want to appear more stylish and sporty on the road, then look no further. The Skoda Kamiq and Skoda Scala have each received model upgrades that are worth noting and reviewing in detail.

You won’t believe the compliments and attention you’ll receive when you’re the proud owner of one of these spectacular models. These makeovers are both impressive and will have you wanting to move forward with your purchase so you can own one of these cars and quickly get out on the road with it.   

Skoda Kamiq

The Skoda Kamiq got a Monte Carlo sporty makeover and is now more attractive than ever. It’s also now considered the flagship model and has a sporty style both on the inside and out. Furthermore, the car contains two petrol engines for a better driving experience. The car was first revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and is available for purchase.

It’s now right up there, and comparable, to the sought after models of the Volkswagen T-Roc and Nissan Juke. Some additional elements and features that set this car apart are that it has gloss black exterior detailing on the front grille, front bumper, wing mirror caps, roof rails, and side skirts. What makes the car sporty on the inside are the red interior trim accents that you’ll notice dot around the cabin along with matching red LED ambient lighting.

Skoda Scala

The Skoda Scala has also received a couple of upgrades that have helped to make it appear sportier all around. If fact, it’ll be the sportiest-looking model in range without increased running costs. The car was also first revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will be available for purchase in spring. The reasons this model is more striking than ever is because it now has a more aggressive front bumper design, a rear diffuser, a panoramic sunroof, an extended glass portion on the tailgate, and a more prominent rear spoiler.

It also has a few features such as the spoiler and grille surround that are all painted gloss black to help increase its attractiveness. The model includes the red accents and stitching and red LED ambient lighting on the interior to help it appear sportier and more modern. You can have your choice between two petrol engines and know that the price point varies slightly depending on which you choose.

Reasons to Buy Now

These cars aren’t going to last long because of their sporty new look and instant popularity among consumers. Now is the right time to begin scoping out which model you want to own and start budgeting so you can save up and make a purchase. You won’t regret being more sporty and stylish on the road and being able to show off your new car to friends and family members. It’s a wise idea to go check out each of these models in person and perform a test drive on each to get a feel for which option is a better choice for you.