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Posted:13 October 2020 | Category: General

Skoda joins forces with Parkopedia to help drivers find parking spaces

Struggling to find a parking space is one of the most frustrating challenges that many drivers face each day. Driving around in search of a free parking space can leave you feeling panicked, especially if you are running late. Wasting time searching for somewhere to park and then ending up late for work can get your whole day off to a bad start.

No one likes the feeling of driving around and around a multi-storey car park in the hope that there is a spare space hiding there somewhere; this is a waste of both your time and your fuel. Instead, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly where the empty car park spaces are in advance? Being able to drive straight to a car parking space without aimlessly driving around in the vain hope that a parking space will appear from somewhere would make life so much simpler and cuts down on the time that it takes you to get where you need to be each day. Whether you are driving to work or enjoying some leisure time, there is no doubt that knowing where you can park in advance would make all your journeys far less complicated.

The Parking Space Locator 

Thanks to an innovative collaboration between Skoda and Parkopedia, it is now possible for Skoda drivers to find out where to find vacant car park spaces in advance. The Czech car manufacturer has joined forces with Parkopedia to make this exciting idea a reality.

Parkopedia is the world’s leading parking service provider. Parkopedia is able to access information on 70 million car parking spaces across 89 countries and 15,000 cities across the globe. This makes Parkopedia perfectly placed to collaborate with Skoda on this exciting new project.

How does the Parking Space Locator Work?

Skoda drivers can access the parking space information via their car’s navigation system or the Skoda Connect app. The app is available for Skoda drivers to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store; this will then give drivers access to information on millions of car parking spaces throughout Europe.

When using the app to find a parking space, you will be provided with information on both the cheapest places to park and the closest parking spaces. This information is given in real time to enhance its accuracy. Skoda drivers that are using the latest version of the Skoda Connect app can also access route guidance, which will take them from their current position directly to the car parking space.

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