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Posted:11 November 2020 | Category: Future models,General,New models

New Skoda Octavia vRS iV

red Skoda Octavia iV on the road

If you are thinking about investing in a hybrid vehicle, you might want to consider the new Skoda Octavia vRS iV plug-in hybrids. Order bookings are now open for this vehicle and a lot of the information is available right now.

How Fast Is The New Skoda?

According to Skoda, the stats for this new model are quite impressive. It will hit 62mph in just 7.3 seconds. As well as this, the car has a top speed of 139mph. That’s incredible, particularly when you consider that this vehicle will cover 37 miles on electric power only. You just need to make sure that you are charging up the 13kWh battery back regularly. This can be fully charged in less than three hours, so you won’t need to wait too long to get back on the road with this particular option.

Under The Hood

If you explore underneath the hood of this new vehicle, then you’re not going to be disappointed. The car uses Volkswagen’s turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. It’s worth pointing out that this is the same engine that can be found in the Golf FT. It has an impressive level of torque at 360NM and 247bhp. This does mean that the car gives quite the kick of acceleration and it could be perfect if you’re looking for a fun vehicle.

What’s Included?

Buyers will be delighted with the features included in the Octavia vRS that make it look incredible. You can take advantage of LED Matrix headlights as well as privacy glass and there are even chrome finishes for the exhaust tips. On top of this, you will also benefit from parking sensors as well as a fresh tailgate spoiler that looks incredible.

The interior of the vehicle is equally impressive. Drivers will be able to slip into heated sports seats that hug the body that perfectly matches a leather sports steering wheel. You get a lot of fun tech options with this vehicle too. For instance, there are a pair of 10-inch screens. One is positioned directly in front of the driver while the other is at the centre of the dash. Another big benefit is that there’s no key start with this car. Instead, you benefit from a keyless design that makes the car incredibly simple to use and there’s LED lighting inside the vehicle that makes it look beautiful.

How Green Is This Vehicle?

Those looking to help save the planet won’t be disappointed when they invest in this vehicle. It could have C02 emissions that are as low as 30g/km.

How Much Will It Cost?

According to Skoda, prices will start at £35,020 for those interested in purchasing the hatchback and a little more for the estate at £36,220. This puts it in a competitive margin with some other similar hybrids currently on the market.

With a stunning design and key benefits including a 39-mile range for electric-only, this vehicle could be a smart choice for a wide variety of drivers interested in going green on the roads.

For more information on how to pre-order your New Skoda Octavia contact us here at Sinclair Skoda today.