Posted: 08 February 2019 | Category : New models

ŠKODA’s New City Crossover SUV to be Named the Skoda KAMIQ

suv with sunset

ŠKODA’s new SUV is called the ŠKODA KAMIQ; it has been revealed. This is the third SUV for the European market, which is marking the next step for the SUV campaign started by the Czech manufacturer. The name Kamiq comes from the language of the Inuit people that live in northern Canada and Greenland, and it's the perfect name for the new ŠKODA model. Why? Because the word is the description of something that fits perfectly like a second skin in all situations.

The new crossover model combines all the advantages and features of an SUV with the superb agility that comes with a compact car. The state-of-the-art assistance in the systems meets fresh design, so let's take a closer look at that.

The Design

The front of the ŠKODA Kamiq is full, powerful, everything you'd want a new car to be. The upright radiator grille defines the confident appearance at the front, and this comes with double slats, which is a very typical and popular feature for the ŠKODA SUV design. This picks up the distinctively sculpted lines of the above bonnet. The tornado line elongates the vehicle, which fuses with the powerful roofline.

The ŠKODA KAMIQ is the first SUV in Europe bearing the ŠKODA lettering in the middle of the tailgate instead of the familiar ŠKODA logo. At the front, the spoiler is silver, underscoring the off-road looks of the model. There's also a showcase of the new two-part LED headlamp design, which is brand new for ŠKODA.

The running light strips for daytime are positioned above the main headlights, assisting the vehicle with looking sleek. The KAMIQ is the first ŠKODA on the market to have useful indicators at the front and rear of the vehicle, and the lenses in the headlamps have a crystalline effect that enhances the car and its premium appeal.

The Ideal Companion to Everyday Life

The new urban crossover model is perfect for the city and beyond, with the name from China - it’s also currently only sold within China! With the new ŠKODA KAMIQ, the ŠKODA is taking a giant step in the SUV campaign it began, aiming to expand the compact and lifestyle-oriented and entry-level model for the EU market. Combining agility, handling and traditional advantage of an SUV, the ŠKODA offers new assistance systems, with numerous "Simply Clever" features that popularised the brand as much as space allows.

Slotted below the Karoq, the new Kamiq is to be a small, urban SUV targeted at younger drivers. Although smaller than its siblings, the Kamiq shares many designs features with the Kodiaq and Karoq. The premiere of the ŠKODA KAMIQ will be between 5-17 March 2019.

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