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Posted:28 June 2017 | Category: General

ŠKODA Swoops in and Wins 3 at Auto Express Awards!

The 2017 Auto Express Awards ended in fashion with new ŠKODA cars winning the best car in three categories. While every new buyer wants to test-drive and possibly purchase one of the three models, here is a glimpse of the Kodiaq, Superb and Octavia ŠKODA models.

First, an unexpected win for ŠKODA as Kodiaq scooped the top awards in a category traditionally dominated by high-end luxury and premium automobiles. The new Kodiaq features super design, sleek finish, and intelligent infotainment system that beats all the big names in the auto industry. This brand of SUV is highly practical for families and combined with affordability, it surely is a car to own.

Still on the ŠKODA range of top notch cars, the Superb model is a mid-range family car that promises to solve your needs. Superb comes with extra legroom and a large boot to hold more luggage. Coupled with high efficiency and attractive pricing, it does not surprise why it has won back to back awards for three years. ŠKODA has integrated smart-tech features and clever finish that ensure families get value for their money.

Finishing the top three new ŠKODA cars is the Octavia model. It is a practical Estate car and having scooped Estate car of the year crown, the 610 litre load bay just proves its versatility. Away from being a huge box, Octavia delivers all its functions as an estate car. With a wide range of engines, kits and affordable pricing, buyers have no worry investing in an Octavia car.

After being named the winner in 3 categories in this year's Auto Express awards, ŠKODA is a clear choice for any new car buyer.