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Posted:24 July 2018 | Category: Future models,New models

Introducing the Bomb Proof Skoda

Skoda Bomb-proof

The recent visit of President Trump to UK shores saw a huge fleet of enormous armoured SUVs to protect him.  There was absolutely nothing subtle about it. Now, for an occasion such as his first presidential visit to the UK he might want something quite so flashy, however, what happens if someone wants the same level of protection but something a little more subtle? Well, Skoda may just have the answer.

Enter the new armoured Skoda Superb. Yep, Skoda have kitted out there family car with enough equipment that make it just about as safe as any other armoured vehicle out there.

From the exterior, you wouldn’t notice too much different from the standard Superb Estate. It’s discreet grey and fitted with a punchy but fairly ‘standard’ (in terms of armoured vehicles) 2.0 litre engine that boasts 187 bhp.  It’s what lies just beneath that subtle exterior that really counts with this vehicle though.  This is where all the modifications come into play. It has been reinforced to meet PAS 300 requirements for ballistic and blast protection, and the Superb is completely bulletproof!

Exact spec has been kept hushed on safety grounds but we do know that the suspension and brakes have been significantly upgraded to deal with the additional weight the reinforcements come with.  There’s also a safety cell, for extra protection, that the passenger’s travel in, whilst an emergency lighting and siren system have been fitted in case of any need to make a quick diversion out of traffic.  The car will run on specially designed reinforced run-flat tyres to make sure just about every eventuality is covered.

The actual main bulk of the interior remains the same, that tells you just how good it is! There’s plenty of legroom for all passengers and an 8 inch colour touchscreen that has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

The revamped armoured Superb will be available to order from Sinclair Skoda, but the price (as you might imagine) is slightly more than the standard version. Prices will start from £118,688, which if you compare it to a competitor such as the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard at £438,000 is extremely cheap!

If you want to find out more about the Armoured Skoda Superb get in touch with our team today!