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Posted:30 September 2016 | Category: General

Heavier penalties for drivers caught using mobile phones

A recent study suggested that there has been an increase in the number of drivers using their mobile phone whilst behind the wheel of their car. In the last year alone upwards of 11 million drivers have admitted to making a phone call or sending a text and a further five million taking a photo or video while behind the wheel. Many say that using a phone isn't distracting but that has not stopped new penalties coming into force in the next few months.

Heavier penalties for drivers caught using mobile phones

What are the new laws regarding using your phone while driving?

The law is starting to come down harder on those caught using their hand held mobile phones while driving. As of next year any driver caught using their mobile phone will be automatically given six points on their licence and an on the spot fine of £200. If you’re a new driver you could could completely lose your licence and have to retake your test, which will cost both time and money that could be better spent elsewhere! Getting caught once is bad enough, caught using your hand held mobile phone for a second time and you could be fined up to £1000 and a six month driving ban.

What if i’m using hands free?

Using a hands free system is not yet classed as against the law, however there has been research to suggest that using a hands free device can still be as distracting as not using one. A number of Skoda models come with built in infotainment systems and Bluetooth phone connectivity. Take a look at our range of new cars today and speak to a member of team if you have any questions. Our top tip; if you feel distracted in any way by your mobile phone turn it off and put it out of sight while you are driving.