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Posted:26 September 2016 | Category: General

Environmentally Friendly Focus for ŠKODA

The global focus on climate change has never been greater. Governments, businesses and communities are all doing their bit to help contribute towards a more environmentally friendly way of life, and this includes efforts by ŠKODA under the 'GreenFuture' program.

Green Logistics

ŠKODA have recently made some changes to logistic operations at the main plant in Mladá Boleslav. Use of in-plant battery-operated vehicles has increased, and these vehicles are now self-sufficient. Solar panels have been fitted to the top of trailers which then charge the tow tractors when not in use. The technology actually results in extended endurance between charging cycles, which means batteries can go longer before needing a charge. This strategy also reduces the power consumption by 10% and lowers the frequency of battery replacements required. All the positive effects we can see on the day to day operation of the plant are welcomed as it also minimises the environmental impact. ŠKODA suggests that the technology will be applied on a large scale if the trial is successful.

Environmentally Friendly Focus for ŠKODA

Electric Future

A battle is currently underway amongst some of the major car manufacturers, to become the leader of electric vehicles. ŠKODA will be joining this pursuit with their very own standalone electric SUV. ŠKODA engineers are working on a model that is targeted to deliver a range in excess of 300-miles whilst also boasting a 15-minute charge time. The electric model isn't likely to be ready for unveiling until around 2020 however, the combined efforts from ŠKODA towards their 'GreenFuture' program look to shake up the industry and promote a more sustainable automotive culture.

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