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Is the Skoda Yeti a 4x4

The Skoda Yeti is undoubtedly one of the Czech manufacturer’s greatest accomplishments. Between 2009 and 2017, the model garnered widespread plaudits collecting an array of awards and being named Top Gear Magazine’s Family Car of the Year.

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Posted: 14/03/2019 | Category : General

Skoda Kodiaq Review

It’s practical, attractive, safe, and fun to drive. What more could anyone in the market for a large SUV ever ask for?

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Posted: 13/03/2019 | Category : General

Skoda to Release Octavia vRS Challenge in UK

There has been a new addition to the Skoda family with the special edition trim level of the Octavia vRS, named the Challenge. This is a model that features more equipment, a sleeker design and better performance parts than there has been for a while.

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Posted: 13/02/2019 | Category : New models

ŠKODA’s New City Crossover SUV to be Named the Skoda KAMIQ

ŠKODA’s new SUV is called the ŠKODA KAMIQ; it has been revealed. This is the third SUV for the European market, which is marking the next step for the SUV campaign started by the Czech manufacturer.

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Posted: 08/02/2019 | Category : New models

How to Activate Skoda Smartlink

If you drive a Skoda, you can access a world of opportunities at the touch of a button or the sound of a simple voice command thanks to the innovative technology behind Skoda Smartlink.

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Posted: 24/01/2019 | Category : General

Discover the new Skoda Scala

Replacing the Rapid, let’s take a closer look at what’s been shown off about the Skoda Scala already and what we still have to look forward to.

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Posted: 23/01/2019 | Category : General,New models

What is Skoda Greenline?

GreenLine models are designed to give drivers a choice for frugality and environmental friendliness.

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Posted: 10/12/2018 | Category : General

Is the Skoda Kodiaq Available on Motability?

If you’ve been looking for a new vehicle under the Motability Scheme, then you might be wondering about the choices you have available to you.

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Posted: 29/11/2018 | Category : General

Skoda SUV Range

If you’re eager to purchase an SUV this year you definitely want to make sure you check out the Skoda SUV range.

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Posted: 13/11/2018 | Category : General

Skoda Fixed Price Servicing

You never know what you’re going to have to pay or what’s going to be included, unless you have a Skoda.

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Posted: 07/11/2018 | Category : General,Vehicle maintenance

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