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Skoda Business and Fleet Finance

Getting your hands on a new ŠKODA is both easy and affordable. Whether you put down a large deposit or would prefer to pay something smaller up-front, we have a finance offer package for you

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What is contract hire?

Contract Hire is a rental agreement that allows you to drive a ŠKODA without needing to own it. It’s great if you simply want to pay a monthly rental for the vehicle, with an option to change it on a regular fixed period without the worry of ownership. To make budgeting easier, you can even build a service, maintenance and tyres plan into your monthly payments.

Once you have chosen your ŠKODA and decided on your initial rental, you need to make three decisions that will affect the monthly rental payments:

  • Your rental period: Choose between 12 and 48 months.
  • Mileage per year: Choose how many miles you expect to drive each year (fees may apply if you exceed this).
  • Total cover: Choose whether to include a service, maintenance and tyres plan in your agreement.
  • Once you’ve paid all outstanding rentals, you simply hand your ŠKODA back, subject to fair wear and tear and excess mileage charges.
  • Remember that you need to keep up monthly repayments, and that you are hiring this vehicle, so at the end of the agreement you can hand it back, without having to ever own it.

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What is finance lease?

Finance Lease is a rental agreement that, whilst never leading to full ownership, could give you a share of any future resale value. There are two types of Finance Lease agreements – ‘balloon’ repayment and full payout.

"Balloon" repayment finance lease

How much do I pay and when?

‘Balloon’ repayment is when you defer a proportion of your vehicle’s value until the end of the agreement, leaving you with lower monthly rental repayments.

Once you’ve selected your initial rental, there are three decisions to make that will affect your monthly rental repayments:

  • Your payment period: Choose between 18 and 48 months.
  • Final balloon repayment: Agree an amount to defer until the end of the agreement.
  • Mileage per year: Choose how many miles you expect to drive each year (if you exceed this it will affect the resale value).

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